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Khao'na Kitchen Workshops



Our workshops will have you walking away with new knowledge and actions to jump into a healthier way of living. All workshops are designed for small to large group settings. 


Simple Health & Wellness Practices 4 the Workplace

• Learn bite size tips for improving health overall in your workplace in areas such as

  1. Managing Stress 
  2. Increasing Energy
  3. Eating to Feel Powerful
  4. Nourishing Your Body Beyond Food

Breathing & Relaxation

• Try on simple breathing and relaxation techniques
• Grasp the connection between relaxation and digestion

Combatting Fatigue + Stress  

• Understand your bodies response to stress & how it manifests in other aspects of your life
• Uncover what is draining your energy and what will replenish it
• Build techniques for managing stress and fatigue

How You Eat, Not What You Eat

• Discover who you are when you eat and why that is important
• Gain understanding around hunger, fullness and how to honor them
• Become versed in techniques designed to improve the way you consume food

Sugar + You 

• Bring to light what happens inside your body when it's on sugar
• See how sugar shows up in food from grocery stores to restaurants
• Obtain insight and practices for breaking your sugar addiction






All workshops include done for you materials such as recipes, articles and guides.

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