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Health & Wellness Coaching • Curriculum • Catering


Khao'na Kitchen Health & Wellness 

Shilpa Nandwani, Co-Founder

Ever heard of the phrase, "an apple a day will keep the doctor away"? Well, eating an apple would land me in the hospital. I am allergic to many fruits and vegetables that are deemed healthy in this world. So, one thing I know for certain is what is "healthy" for others is not "healthy" for me AND that everyone deserves access to their "healthy". Enter Khao'na Kitchen.


Khao'na Kitchen Education

Cole Carothers, Co-Founder

During my time spent living on a farm as a child in Northern California, I began to understand the connection between land and life. Running around the farm eating fresh food made me feel good while working on the farm taught me a respect for the environment and myself that has had a significant impact on the quality of my life. Students in Brooklyn do not often have access to farms, fresh food and knowledge about how to build healthy living habits. Why is that? Because in Brooklyn, your zipcode can define your access to resources and sometimes, the quality of your health. Enter Khao'na Kitchen.