Shilpa Nandwani (sher/her pronouns) is a queer community chef who believes that communities deserve access to healthy, nutritious, and culturally relevant food. Through her four years of experience as an educator of mathematics, she is able to spread her enthusiasm and cooking skills around healthy eating to youth and grown-ups, alike, in a strategic and empowering way. She uses her involvement as a grassroots organizer to fight for justice against fascism and capitalism, in every part of her life. Shilpa is a representative and member of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines,a New York City Network of Worker Cooperative (NYCNoWC) Board Member, and is a holder of a Bachelor of Science & Masters in Mathematics and Education.

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Kellen Insfran is a chef, health advocate and artist from the South Bronx. Gaining inspiration from her grandmothers Honduran style cooking since she was 10 years old. In 2013, kellen decided she wanted to have a food business. Having to figure out the basics of cooking, and expanding their skills working in the food industry, focusing on vegan/vegetarian cuisines mainly.She then gained inspiration at home to create dishes and healthier meals, which led to building her image as a cook through social media. Her goal is to bring awareness to her community on how to eat and live a conscious lifestyle. Diving deeper into connection with the land. she has done catering for her family, friends, and artist events. Recently joined Farm School NYC. Now journeying with Khao’na Kitchen!




Cole Carothers (they/them pronouns) is a gender non-conforming, queer, mixed Filipino from rural northern California. Cole has been an organizer for the past 6 years in New York in the movement for National Democracy in the Philippines, connecting issues such as labor trafficking and gender violence to the struggle for land and human rights in the Philippines. Cole studied Theater and Feminist studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz and is now studying Urban Agriculture at Farm School NYC after working in education for the past five years.




Raina is a chef, farmer, and creator born and raised in the Bronx, New York, with an immeasurable love of food, people, and cooperatives! She enjoys cooking and sharing her knowledge of food and agriculture with others, and she hopes to one day open a farm, restaurant, and education center on the farmland her grandmother grew up on in Jamestown, South Carolina. Through hearing her grandmother’s stories of rural living, Raina sought reconnection to the land. She now sees the way graciously digging one’s hands into the soil and preparing a meal from a fresh harvest can transform lives in ways large and small. She is continuously working to share and protect the beauty of Earth’s bounty with others.