We believe in the power of cooperative economics outside of repressive economic partnerships. Therefore, we are launching Khao'na Kitchen entirely with our own generated funds. This is extremely difficult considering we are not rolling in the wealth of our colonial forefathers (*cough* Trump). Funds that we raise will help us cover basic legal costs as well as supplies for teaching our content (think middle schoolers with kid friendly knives and aprons, cooking vegetable biryani and chickpea adobo) and so much more.


T-shirts available for Advocate and Superstar Level:

                   Black available in S, M, L, XL

                   Black available in S, M, L, XL

            Heather Sea Green Available in S, M, L

            Heather Sea Green Available in S, M, L

Questions? Interested in being involved?

Email Cole or Shilpa at info@khaonakitchen.com


Superstar supporters

Our work would not possible without the generous support by private individuals and organizations. We are grateful to the following folks for their generous support.

May Madarang

Amanda Rabe

Jennifer Mermelstein


5% of Khao'na Kitchen's net profits go to grass roots organizations such as the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns.