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What is a health coach?

A Health Coach is someone in your corner who stretches and supports you on your journey towards optimal Health.

Think of a health coach as a sports team coach; someone who is trained and focused on the application of strong habits built through knowledge and practice over time.

As certified Health & Wellness Coaches, Cole and Shilpa work with individuals one-on-one or in small groups to discover what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself and based on your unique story, how to combat those challenges. 

What can health coaches help me with? 

Freedom, happiness and peace of mind

More concretely;

  • Increasing energy
  • Lowering Stress
  • Enhancing Sleep
  • Discovering and alleviating food allergies
  • Overcoming sugar addiction
  • Improving diet and nutrition
  • Achieving and accomplishing health goals

Khao'na Kitchen offers several different wellness programs facilitated by certified Health Coaches such as:

  • Double Your Energy 90-day intensive
  • Health 101 Jumpstart 28-day program
  • Full Body Detox
  • Meal Planning//The NYC Way
  • At home cooking instruction for individuals and families

What will I receive?

A New Lease on life

  1. Personalized weekly support
  2. Custom, done for you hand outs, recipes and guides 
  3. Known practices for improving health 
  4. A community support system

When do we meet?

Weekly for 45 mins, depending on program length

90-day intensive includes 12-weekly coaching sessions

28-day program includes 4-weekly coaching sessions. 

Full body detox includes 2-weekly coaching sessions. 

Meal planning the NYC Way includes meal planning strategy guide.

Make your Home a Khao'na Kitchen includes  at-home cooking instruction and meal planning strategy guide.

Where do we meet?

In person (in NYC) or via phone or skype



To book a session or get more information: