Support Fair Wages & Working Conditions! Boycott NutriAsia!

Boycott NutriAsia

On July 30th, 2018, 300 NutriAsia workers and their supporters were violently dispersed by 100+ NutriAsia security personnel and the Philippine National Police while peacefully praying during a strike. Many were hospitalized with serious injuries, including a Lola (grandma) asking for peaceful interactions. At least 19 people were arrested with trumped up charges and some still remain missing.

The workers were on strike for several reasons. First of all, the machinery and equipment that they handle is dangerous however the safety gear and equipment provided to them was substandard and inadequate, leaving workers with injuries and health related issues. Workers who suffered work-related accidents like 2nd degree burns and fractures, reported having to hide their injuries to avoid being fired and replaced. Over 1400 NutriAsia workers are contractual, meaning they are not qualified for overtime pay, health benefits or job security. Even more infuriating is the fact that the company makes $500,000 USD per day while employees on average make $7 USD or less a day for 12 hours of work.

Khao’na Kitchen, as a worker-owned cooperative, joins businesses worldwide in calling for the end of the exploitation of the workers of Nutriasia and stands with the boycott of all NutriAsia products until the needs of the workers are met. NutriAsia, owned by Joselito D. Campos Jr. is Philippines’ leading producer, marketer, & distributor of high quality sauces & condiments such as Datu Puti, UFC, Silver Swan, Mang Tomas, Papa, Golden Fiesta & Locally.

As a business that caters traditional Filipino food with a twist, we were using Filipino products like Datu Puti Soy Sauce & Vinegar because it was easy to find in bulk here in NYC. However, we have quickly replaced these products with other brands such as Lorins and Mother’s Best to stand in solidarity with the workers of NutriAsia.

Beyond fair wages and better working conditions, the workers of NutriAsia deserve a voice and vote in the decisions of a company that profits from their exploitation. Following the 7 cooperative principles, below is our vision of NutriAsia as a cooperative model.

Capitalism: 1 owner, Joselito D. Campos Jr., of NutriAsia


Cooperative: 1,400+ member-owners who all have a vote in the decision making of the company.


Capitalism: 1,400 contractual workers who are prohibited from unionizing, are underpaid, and are working in dangerous conditions while the owner of NutriAsia maintains his millionaire status


Cooperative: 1,400 member owners who have guaranteed payments collectively decided and set outlined in a membership manual that each work-owner is accountable to upholding


Capitalism: Unsafe working conditions in factories with temperatures over 100 degrees F while handling products that are over 200 degrees F, no care for the community or the workers, violence faced by security personnel & the police


Cooperative: Caring for the community by creating working spaces that are safe and accountable to the environment, supporting smaller, community-led industries by buying locally and solving issues within and around the coop with a transformative justice model that gets at the root of the issue


Capitalism: Campos’s goal is to buy out and acquire all condiment companies and house them under NutriAsia to acquire superprofits. *monopoly capitalism*


Cooperative: Goal is to support and create more cooperatives, where workers receive fair and adequate wages, education and training to build an economy that is sustainable and fair for all members in the food production chain.



Want to learn more? Check out this informative, but graphic video.