Chewing into a More Relaxed Future

Guess how many times the average person chews a bite of food?

I don’t know… 5?

It’s actually more like 3! The average person chews 3 times and then swallows which means their body has to work really hard to break down the food further. 

There are also other ways our body breaks down food. Saliva in our mouth has important enzymes that help break down what we eat making it easier to digest and assimilate nutrients into our bodies. The easier our food is to digest, the more of it gets used by the body and the easier it is on our digestive system!

Do you chew consciously? Try some of the following practices today!

“How To” Chew Guide

To get in the habit of chewing consciously, try chewing each bite of food 30 times. (Putting your fork down and breathing between bites will help.)

Even if you only have 5 minutes for a meal instead of 20, let the chewing relax you (like a quick meditation). When you chew with all of your senses, you’ll enjoy the whole spectrum of tastes and aromas that make up the meal, trigger whole body digestion, and leave your body feeling more satisfied (even with a quick meal).

Chewing Suggestions

Before Meal

● Wash hands
● Close computer and turn off smartphone or tablet
● Light a candle or play music you like
● Do a self check-in
● Give gratitude to your body for digesting this meal
● Set your timer for 20 minutes (or for as much time as you have)

During Meal

● Breathe
● Take a bite of food
● Put utensil down
● Chew slowly (you can practice counting 30 chews)
● Swallow
● Breathe
● Pick up utensil and take another bite
● Put utensil down
● Chew slowly (you can practice counting 30 chews)
● Swallow
● Breathe
● Repeat until 80% full (aiming for energized, not full)

After Meal

● Share what you appreciated about your meal (even if you’re dining alone)
● Clear dishes and rinse
● Talk a walk by yourself, with a pet or a loved one