Simple Tips for Staying Well

Photo credit, Leslie Carothers

Photo credit, Leslie Carothers

Step 1: Assess. What are you doing now that keeps you feeling good and what’s making you feel tired, stressed or lethargic? Make notes of this either on a notebook, phone, post-it, or a text with someone who is doing this with you! Take stock of where you are and set some realistic expectations for what you can shift to be where you want to be. Follow your gut, and start small!

Step 2: Shilpa just found out she is deficient in Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, & Iron. For the past three weeks she’s been fortifying her body with cleansing and supportive vitamins and minerals AND SO SHOULD YOU (wow what a difference it makes)! If you don’t already, chow down on some garlic, ginger and turmeric for boosting up your immune system. Sprinkle turmeric on your eggs, beans/lentils, any veggies that you sauté, or just put some in hot water and drink up. Include ingredients with vitamin C like oranges, strawberries, pomegranate into your meal planning.

Step 3: know how baby’s need a bed time do you! Create your very own #powerdownhour, then post it on Instagram and tag us @khaonakitchen so we can share it with our followers. Let’s spread the creativity!

Step 4: Hygiene! What do you think is the least clean thing in a hotel room? Phone? Door knob? Actually no, it’s the remote! Bring awareness to your hands. Try to keep your hands away from your mouth and nose after touching common items other people touch like subway poles, handrails, door knobs (and the new person you just met and shook hands with). Clean as best you can with soap and water, hand sanitizer doesn’t kill viruses, only bacteria 

Step 5: Stock up! Sometimes, you still get sick. Purchase or make in bulk-then freeze, some of your favorite soups and teas (ginger, lemon, peppermint are our faves) to have on hand to push you into speedy recover. Need some recipes? Cole always feels better after some filipino soups like sinigang and tinola. Shilpa recommends malathi pani (an Indian herbal concoction), and kitchari (an Indian rice and lentil dish). 

Stay tuned for a full recipe of malathi pani, perhaps brought to you by the direct source, Shilpa’s mom! 

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