Curriculum & Instruction


Weekly Instruction • 45 MINUTES

Khao'na Kitchen offers an engaging, 4-week in-school curriculum designed and taught by professional instructors. 

The wellness curriculum designed for K-12 schools empowers young people with the tools to practice healthy living while building the local community food sovereignty movement.

Khao’na Wellness Scouts K-5
Khao’na Wellness Guides 6-8
Khao’na Wellness Ambassadors 9-12


One-time Instruction • 60-90 MINUTES

Khao'na Kitchen offers replicable lessons for teachers, taught by instructors during a one-time workshop. 

The curriculum includes images, text, video and real life examples to inspire students to take a step toward living healthy lives each day.


Curriculum incubated and crafted with support from 4.0 Schools.

Khao'na Kitchen

Crafted with love by certified teacher, Shilpa Nandwani.

Khao'na Kitchen Curriculum and Instruction

Shilpa Nandwani, M.A. in Teaching, has taught in public schools in New York and New Jersey for the past 5 years. Uniting her knowledge of the classroom and the importance of a rigorous curriculum with her passion for healthy living, Shilpa offers two types of curriculum for schools to foster healthy living with young people in New York City.  


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